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Greg Pinnell, MD
Pilot ~ Flight Surgeon
Marshall Brown, MD

Examinations by appointment in our office at:


Saginaw International Airport    KMBS
8430 Garfield Rd, (Hanger 4)   48623

Applications for pilot certification must be done online:

With your browser go to  medxpress.faa.gov,  register an account, complete the application.
Save your account pass word and user ID for future use.

Save the confirmation number you get on submitting the application as your AME will need it!

(No internet access?   Call  989-860-3664 or  989-245-4494 for plan B!)

Bring these items to the examination:

Med XPress Confirmation number and/or print out of your application(form 8500-8)
All letters sent you by the FAA (Special Issuance, SODA, letter of evidence).
All documents relevant to known health issues (tests, records, letters etc.).
Your current Medical Certificate.
List of all medicines & dosages.
Glasses/hearing aids.
Photo ID.

For appointments or general questions:   call/email.

Personal certification concerns can  only be discussed by phone   as email is not secure!

For more about pilot medical certification, visit:

Standards    AirDocs.net   BasicMed   BasicMed course    BasicMed Forms    Student Pilot

For DOT driver medical certification, visit:

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